Playa El Tunco - La Libertad, El Salvador (Shot with Mavic Air)

Playa El Tunco – La Libertad, El Salvador (Shot with Mavic Air)

My family and I just returned from a 10 day vacation in El Salvador; the photos of which will take some time for me to sort, edit and make sense of but for now, I wanted to share some quick unexpectedly thoughts that came to mind as I got into the rhythm of flying the Mavic Air I had purchased in anticipation for this trip.

A lot of the process in learning to fly a drone includes deliberate practice, patience and a lot of YouTube tutorials, which very few people warn you on how easily consumed you can become with those. As I developed comfort in maneuvering the drone as it soared through the sky capturing epic footage, I had this realization that its full potential was met not by your ability to fly it well but by having defined intentions on what you’re attempting to capture before it even becomes airborne. There was nothing less productive than flying the drone aimlessly trying to make up your mind as the time ticked on your battery. Granted I do own 3, all of which have an average flight time of 21 minutes but that’s not the point.

Preparation is everything. As David duChemin said, “If you have no idea what you want to accomplish, then you’re not at the point where you should be asking yourself if you accomplished it.”

Based off YouTube videos alone, I’ve become aware of so many other incredible features the Mavic Air has to offer, most of which I’ve yet to even dabble with but for now, in its most basic form, I’m content with flying it and knowing in advance what I hope to get from it, as oppose to getting too mystified by other bells and whistles which may not even contribute as much to my vision.

Life is not that different. Have a vision, know what you want, avoid everything else and figured it out.

Purpose is everything. Without it, we’re just bones and blood.

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